Our Proposal Flight Package is all you will need to get someone to say, “I do”. During this 45 minutes of opulent scenery of the New York City skyline, you and your loved one will be treated to a bottle of champagne, box of chocolates, flowers, pictures and 4K video of the special event. What could be nicer than the backdrop of the NYC sights, such as the Statute of Liberty, The Freedom Tower, scenes of Manhattan and a lot more for the most important question that you will ever need to ask. Of course, you will get the answer that you hoped for, and most importantly, your enjoyment will be guaranteed.

Our Bottle Of Champagne

For the two of you, a complimentary bottle of champagne is provided. You can sip this as you take in the extraordinary sights of NYC from aboard of our fully equipped airplanes. Our courteous and exemplary staff is there to assist and serve you. Sit back, relax and enjoy the NYC sights while we fly you around the area that you love.

Your Box Of Chocolates My Dear

For your taste buds, chocolates always are the best. We provide the ones that taste just right for such a special occasion as you are in the air above the “City That Never Sleeps”.

Flowers Are An Added Touch

The scented flowers provide the added touch for your important question. We stop at nothing to create a positive and elegant atmosphere for your enjoyment. The colors and scents will add to the mood of your romantic liaison up in the air.

Pictures Of The Occasion, As Well As A 4K Video

In order to remember your special occasion forever, we provide the pictures and a 4K video. Feel free to be romantic, funny, somber, sweet or other emotions that you feel so we can capture it all for you to look at in the future with your special loved one.

Make your reservation now to celebrate your momentous occasion in the air above NYC. Your Proposal Flight Package will last from 45 minutes. Call us now so that we can help make your proposal as memorable as possible.

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