Do you have 20 minutes to spend in the air above NYC? If you do, you want to book your tour right away because you won’t regret it in the least. You will find that the route will take you over Staten Island to Verrazano Narrows Bridge, then, along Hudson River, to Midtown Manhattan, and you will get to see so many sights from the air. NYC comes alive for you from up above, and our planes are equipped and ready to handle you and your group.

Here Are Some Of The Great Sights You Will See From The Air:

Statute Of LibertyStatue Of Liberty

The Statute of Liberty is the symbol of the United States freedom. As a gift from France, it stands tall and proud, and you will get to see it from the air.

governors islandGovernor’s Island

Enjoy the beautiful scenery from the air on Governors Island. It is a rare occasions when people get to see it from this angle.

battery park nycBattery Park

When looking down at Battery Park from the sky, you will want to have your camera ready. Get some gorgeous shots of the awesome trees and monuments.

freedom tower

Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower was built in place of the Twin Towers which were destroyed during the attacks of 9-11. The reflections off the glass of the building are spectacular.

Madison Square Garden NYC Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Gardens is also on the tour. See the wonderful, vibrant colors that adorn this famous place.

empire state buildingEmpire State Building

Remember King Kong on top of this skyscraper? You will get to have an up close look at it from the sky.

intrepid sea air & space museumIntrepid Museum

The Intrepid Museum is another wonderful sight that you will see from the air. Get a good glimpse of the grounds that it is on, and enjoy the scenery. There is even more to see of the beautiful NYC skyline on this fantastic 20-minute tour. Don’t worry, our staff is absolutely and 100% ready to accommodate you, and make sure that you have the best tour of NYC ever.

Isn’t it your turn to book one of our Discovery NYC 20-minute tour? You will love what you are able to see from the sky, and all in the comfort of our safe planes. We want you to have a great time when you are sightseeing from the air in NYC.


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