Seeing New York City from above is a special and engaging experience, especially when you take our airplane ride as opposite to a helicopter to see the famous sights.

Although in both cases you’ll see the stunning birds-eye’s views of the city, by either following our flight plan or creating your own custom route, the airplane ride is much more comfortable:

  • In a helicopter you’ll feel the ups and downs a lot more. During take off a plane will push you back in your seat in a helicopter the pressure will be downward. At landing in a helicopter you might experience uncomfortable stomach-in-your-throat feeling.
  • A helicopter is a bit more ‘jerky’ than an airplane, especially if you’re sitting behind the rotor mast. A ride in a helicopter will be bumpier during turbulence. The small plane provides a more stable riding experience which could be a big difference especially for people susceptible to motion sickness.
  • A helicopter is less comfortable than a plane because of the noise and higher vibration level. Since helicopters can’t take advantage of airspeed they are much louder. In our airplanes, you will be comfortable.

In addition to higher quality of the airplane ride, these are the other features of our tours that you will not be able to find in a helicopter flight:

  • Flying across Central Park, over East River and Brooklyn. We’ll take you to see many more famous sights.
  • Night flights. Taking our night tour you’ll enjoy the stunning views of New York City skylines after the sunset.
  • All tours are private. There will be only your party on board and no one else, except for the pilot, of course.
  • Guaranteed window seat. In our planes everyone gets a window seat which means you’ll be able to see the sights better and take great pictures.
  • All fees are included in the price. You won’t have to pay a penny more than the advertised price.

Taking our fantastic airplane tours, you will enjoy the ambiance of the New York City skyline, the superb expertise of our pilots and the special attention you will receive. The experience of seeing magnificent NYC landmarks from the sky in a comfortable, safe and well-equipped airplane, will be something that you will never forget.



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