Are you mesmerized at the prospect of flight?

If you’re in New York City, Passion Airplane Tours has the perfect opportunity for you. We offer an introduction flight training course that’s ideal for two great reasons:

(i) It gives you the opportunity to indulge your dream.

(ii) It allows you to explore the idea of becoming a pilot without signing up for any long term courses or being required to spend more than you’re ready to.

With an introductory flight course, get the basics that you need now at an affordable cost while gathering enough information to decide if you want to move forward. Best of all, whatever your long-term plan, our course will put you behind the controls of a plane gliding over the Big Apple!

Are you one of the many who has looked into the sky and fantasized about soaring among the clouds?

Our introductory flight course comes in two 30 minute segments. Ground instruction consists of in-classroom study, learning the basics of aerodynamics, instrument reading and operation, airplane controls, engine specs, radio communications, airspace and managing weather conditions. And flight experience puts you in the cockpit for one-on-one instruction with a commercial pilot. You will fly a plane, covering basic maneuvers — climbs, descends, turns, straight and level flight — under secure conditions.

Do you watch airplanes move effortlessly across the sky with envy?

Let Passion Airplane Tours put you in the air. Get your first taste of the amazing and exclusive world of aviation and flight. You will discover the basics of flying and get your first adventure in the air. You will have the groundwork for deciding if a pilot’s license is something you want to further pursue.

Have you even remotely considered the idea of learning to fly?

We may be biased, but we think there’s no limit to the imagination when it comes to flying. We encourage everyone that wants to experience this unique journey to give Passion Airplane Tours a call and get the details for our Introductory Flight course. Get a taste of the endless possibilities for a fraction of typical training costs.

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