For 30 minutes, our custom airplane tours are created by you, and you will get to decide what parts of New York you wish to see. Design your own tour and see the sights that YOU want to see. Create the route that you want to take all around NYC. This all takes part in 30 minutes, and people that take the tour are always pleased that they did. The route can take place along the Hudson River, from the Verrazano Bridge to the Washington Bridge. All through this space are plenty of great sights that you will be amazed at seeing if you choose to put that on your itinerary. The skyline of NYC is absolutely gorgeous.

What Will You Get To Pick From With Our Custom Tour?

You will get to see many beautiful sights around the New York area. These can include, the Statute of Liberty, the Governor’s Island, the Freedom Tower, the Intrepid, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Jersey Shore and Long Island. This tour will take your breath away from above it all in one of our safe and secure airplanes. You design the tour, and our pilots are licensed and certified, and they will take you where you want to go.

See The Sights From The Air In Comfort And Relaxation

Pick from these wonderful attractions when you are designing your own custom tour. Enjoy seeing the Statute of Liberty from the air. This will give you ample opportunities for photographs, so have your camera ready. You will also get up close looks at Governor’s Island, the Freedom Tower with its absolutely gorgeous architecture, as well as the infamous Intrepid. Don’t forget about Central Park because from the air, you will be able to see the secret part that is being renovated. The Jersey Shore and Long Island will also be a part of your tour that will give you lots of great scenery to write home about.

Custom Tours For Fabulous Occasions

This is a tour that you can use for special occasions to commemorate something that is a wonderful event, like an engagement or a family reunion of sorts. Make the most of your tour by understanding that our staff treats you like family, and we want to you to have as much fun as you can while you are in the air flying on a tour with us.

Make sure that you reserve your custom airplane tour as soon as possible. We look forward to you enjoying the sights of New York from our planes. It will be our pleasure to have you on board.

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